Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here is my method for using rolling events in Google Calendar to manage bill payments.

I've been doing this for years and it has been very successful. As long as I keep an eye on my calendar financial crisis is a rarity. Google Calendar makes it simple to update bills that have inconsistent payment amounts or due dates. I have the flexibility to make payments in whatever manner I like. Overdue payments stand out and by moving a single event when the funds are deducted from my account I know that the payment has occurred.

Easy as 1...2...3...
  1. Create one all day event for each bill
  2. Label it with...
    • A title
    • The amount of the bill
    • The payment method (I use a coding system)
  3. When the payment occurs, move its event to the next due date
It is important to follow step 3. Do not be tempted to make repeating events that you leave alone. Having only the one event for each payment has been the key to this system's success. Taking the minor effort to move an event one month into the future clears it from the current month. Then you can plan ahead one month by looking at future payments using a simple budget on-the-fly method.

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